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Friday, November 1, 2019

DIY Barbie Hairstyles with Yarn | How To Make Purple Doll Hair for Old Toys

This is the best idea I have seen for making Barbie Doll's hair from yarn. Just think of all the cool colors you can use for Barbie hair by yarn using this technique. Out with the old and in with the new using yarn for Barbie hair. This technique will work for other types of dolls like Bratz dolls and others. 

Saturday, October 26, 2019

12 Thrifty Items That Will Thrill Your Child For American Girl Doll Accessories At Dollar Tree

10 Thrifty Items That Will Thrill Your Child For American Girl Doll Accessories At Dollar Tree

American Girl Dolls are expensive. With American Girl doll furniture and accessories it adds more to the expense. It makes a parent wonder how they will get their child to college after their dolls. But there is a way around everything and your child can have their cake and eat it too.

You can improvise with American Girl Doll accessories from any store at a lower cost, but Dollar Tree is the one of the best for finding American Girl Doll accessories for a thrifty $1.00 each.

Mini Tea Sets

These mini tea sets at Dollar Tree do the trick for a tea party for your doll. Some times Dollar Tree has them in porcelain, it depends on when you get there and how often the truck comes to your local Dollar Tree.

Mini-Tea Set

Mini Dishes

Dollar Tree's mini dishes are perfect to cook with on American Girl's stovetop. The mini dish set usually comes complete with cooking utensils.

LED Tea Lights

These are so easy to use with just a switch on the bottom to turn them on and set them on your doll's nightstand as a lamp.

LED Tea Light

Play Food

Dollar Tree's play food is the right size to put on American Girl's dining table to serve. You can choose cookies, whole meals, hamburgers, and fruit. This makes a  low-budget meal for your doll.

Play Food for your doll

Hair Accessories

Dollar Tree has adorable hair accessories for your American Girl doll that is the perfect size for her hair. You will love the hair clips that look like they were made for American Girl dolls, then there are the hair ties and ribbons, headbands, and barrettes.

Mini-hair clips for American Girl Doll 😃

Play Dough

Play Dough makes American Girl doll play food even better in different colors and shapes to make different foods for your doll.


Mini Pets

Dollar Tree's mini pets are the just the right size for your American Girl Doll to have in her play-house. You can get your doll as many mini plush pets, horses, cats, monkeys, or dogs as she desires.

Fun Monkeys in different colors 😂

Mini Dolls

Dollar Tree's mini-dolls can be your American Girl doll's doll for her to play with. Some of the mini-dolls are plastic or are a small rag doll that is so cute.

Mini-Doll 😃

Silk Flowers

Your doll will love silk flowers to make her a mini garden with. You can put the LED lights in your doll's mini garden as solar lights to add more allure.

Silk Flowers for your doll garden 😃

Baby Doll Gear

Don't forget about Bitty Baby! In the infant's department you will find blankets, bibs, feeding dish, bottles, burp rags, and booties that are perfect for Bitty Baby!

Bitty Baby Blankets

Carrying Cases

Dollar Tree has loads of storage baskets to turn into furniture for your American Girl Doll. You can store your doll's accessories in the baskets too. The baskets are in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes. There are containers that snap close to use as doll cases or luggage for your doll.

Baskets  For  Doll Storage 

Mini Notebooks

In Dollar Tree's office supply department you will find mini notebooks that are perfect as your doll's notebook for school. The notebook covers are in different colors to choose from.

Mini-Notebooks For your American Girl Doll

It's easy to add to your American Girl Doll accessories at Dollar Tree. With your imagination, you will probably find more American Girl Doll accessories at Dollar Tree.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Why You Shouldn't Buy A Creepy Doll On eBay: Another Very Bad Idea

Don't Buy A Creepy Doll On eBay

Surfing Cyber World

The Internet, also known as "Cyber World," is an interesting place to surf around on. In Cyber World you find all kinds of things that will interest you, entertain you, or teach you. You will find virtually anything in the virtual cyber world.

When you aren't looking for something online, something is looking for you. Eventually, you will find what you are looking for, and what is looking for you will find you. It is inevitable. Sometimes what is looking for you isn't the best idea for you to be involved with.

Halloween To Hallow The Dead

The month of October has the holiday known as Halloween. This is the day when the dead are to be hallowed by the living. Since this may sound like a good and noble day for the living to remember the dead and hallow their deceased loved ones it can bring calamity with it.

Halloween has been made into a spooky and creepy holiday with all kinds of ghouls and evils lurking in the dark shadows. Anything creepy, ghoulish, or haunting is used during Halloween to frighten party guests or trick-or-treaters. One of the things used during Halloween is creepy dolls to creep people out with.

Creepy dolls can look creepy from the git-go or be made into a creepy doll with makeup and messing up the doll's hair. People thrive on anything creepy or completely unusual for entertainment or thrills. Make no mistake, if a creepy doll has a creepy appearance giving you a vibe about it, it is more than likely a true creepy doll that is haunted.

What Is Pediophobia?

It's sad that dolls have been made into a creepy doll or a haunted doll when they were meant to be a toy for entertainment for a child. There is a term for the fear of dolls called pediophobia. Some people are afraid of dolls because of the blank stare of a doll. It is adults who have a fear of dolls more than children. It is all in the eyes of the beholder and the vibes they sense from a doll.

Dolls began to be creepy to people as they were made to resemble humans more and move like humans. The more human-like dolls become the more uneasy people become with dolls. This accounts for why dolls became creepy to people.

There have been a couple of movies such as Chucky or Child's Play that depict dolls possessed by a serial killer or some other sort of evil that wreaks havoc on people's lives that had the doll in their home. These movies are not far from the truth of what creepy haunted dolls are capable of doing.

Creepy Haunted Dolls On eBay

Creepy haunted dolls sold on eBay are stated for entertainment purposes by eBay policies. I've seen creepy dolls on eBay stated to be haunted dolls in spite of eBay policies. Since we are in October, right now there are many creepy dolls on eBay for sale as props for Halloween.

Haunted dolls have spirits attached to them that may or may not be friendly. When you read the item description of creepy dolls on eBay, the seller will describe the haunted doll to you of the strange happenings in their home caused by the doll. Even though the seller describes the personality of the doll as it behaves with them, if you purchased the doll, the doll's behavior could be much different around you. The spirit of the doll may not like you. You don't know what you are getting with a haunted doll. You can view an article here describing creepy and haunted dolls for sale on eBay.

Etsy is selling creepy dolls to keep up with the times of eBay.

Why You Shouldn't Have A Creepy Doll In Your Home

When you bring in a creepy doll into your home with a spirit attached to it, you are bringing something foreign into your home. It is like mixing oil and water. Why do you think people who have creepy dolls are selling the creepy doll besides making a few extra bucks? It won't be good for you. It would be better to discard a creepy doll than to sell it.

Adults who have nothing else to do or are bored will find creepy dolls entertaining, but creepy dolls are not dolls to have around the house if you have children. The things haunted dolls can do could scar a child for life or even hurt a child. Prevention is the best cure so not having a creepy doll in the house if you have children is better for all concerned.

Pets react to creepy haunted dolls right away. Your pet will become defensive in it's home and could be hurt by a creepy haunted doll. It isn't fair to keep a creepy doll in your home that terrorizes your pet. Your pet's only defense is you for protection so why subject your pet to something like that.

You can lose sleep at night because evil loves darkness.

You may have had a peaceful life before the doll, but you won't after having a creepy doll. A creepy doll can wreak total havoc on your life.

You can return from work to a home that is ransacked by the spirit living in the doll.

The spirit of the doll can influence your thinking to do something you would not ordinarily do or is dangerous for you to do that could ruin the rest of your life. Murders have been committed by people who stated a spirit told them to do it.

Do not attend Halloween parties with haunted dolls. The spirit of the doll can attach itself to you and go home with you.

What You're Looking For Is Looking For You

If you are looking for a creepy doll and a creepy doll is looking for you, you will find each other. Whether or not the outcome will be good for you is yet to be seen. Some things are a very bad idea all the way around, one of them is creepy haunted dolls.